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AAW   Absolutely Amazing Wallet
AV   Alchemy Vision-Limited Edition
BBD   Badlands Bob Dice
BAT   Ball & Tube Mystery
Bifade   Bicycle Rider Back Faded Cards
BSD   Bicycle Stripper Deck-Red or Blue
BS   Black Spider Deck
BW   Brainwave Poker-size Deck
CD   Carnival Deck + DVD
Cartoon   Cartoon Deck
IB   Classic Imp Bottle
CUT   Close-up Tricks-Apprentice Magician
CMM   Collectors Money Maker
CteleTub   Collectors Telepathic Tubes
ColBK   Colouring Book of Magic-Large
DTM   Dice Through Mirror
DC   Disappearing Card + DVD
HPTB   Hallas Packet Trick Bundle
HC   Halographic card
HI   Hand Illusions
HRP   HotRod Pen
IFW   Ice from Water
ID   Invisible Deck
JW   Jokers Wild Card Trick + DVD
KIB   Key in a Bottle
KCT   Killer cards tricks (with NO sleight of hand required)
LVD   Las Vegas Dice
LM   LED Monte
LMin   Linking mints
BAV   Magic Ball & Vase
MBB   Magic Brass Bolt
MCF   Magic Card Frame
MC   Magic Clock
MD   Magic Dice
MH   Magic Hat -Bumper Box of Tricks
MPdeck   Magic Printing Deck
MSLC   Magic Stop Light Cards
MCase   Magicians Case- 58 Trick set
MPW   Magicians Pro Wand
MMW   Mastermind Wallet
MBI   Matchbox Illusion
MBO   Metal playing card bottle opener
MTM   Mind Tricks You Can Master
MMI   Money Maker Illusion
MPD   Mystery Pen Deluxe
EXP   Nut & Bolt explanation
NAB   Nut & Bolt Trick
OWD   One way forcing deck
Out   Outlaw
BV   Pocket Ball & Vase-Collectors edition
PV   Prayer Vase (Anti-gravity vase)
PCT   Psychic Colour Sticks
pe   Psychic escape
QT   Quick Tricks
SCT   Secret card Tricks
SOL   Secrets of Leviatation Kit
SMP   Simple Money Printer
SSW   Snappy Snapper-Wood
SpellBX   Spell Binding Boxes
BPC   Standard Bicycle Playing Cards
SHR   Street Hot Rod
SM   Street Magic
SMU   Street Monte Ultimate kit
BSS   Super Sight
SFC   Sure Fire Force Card
SS   Surprise Silks aka Acrobatic Silks
TDB   Tetra Deck Bicycle-Four-way fanning deck
CM   The China Mystery Square Circle
HK   The Haunted Key
MTF   The Magic Trick Frame
MM   The Mummy Mystery
TPre   The Prediction
SB   The Secret Box
Sizz   The Sizzle Stick
SDB   The Skull Deck in Bicycle
TT   The Tarantula
UGD   The Ultimate gaff Deck Kit
Vbox   The Vanishing Box
TG   Thread genie
TBot   Trick bottles
UMDVD   Underground magic DVD
VC   Vanishing Pack of Cards
VCMS   Voltars Clear Magic Switchbox
VVB   Voltars vanishing box
Wcard   Wild card
WCP   Wire Card Prediction
WFB   Wizard Flip Book

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