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Close-up Tricks-Apprentice Magician Close-up Tricks-Apprentice Magician

A selection of easy to learn and quick to perform magic tricks. There are a mixture of puzzles and props to entertain, all with clear instructions on how the trick works and suggestions to improve the effects. Buy one, or all eight. Picture shows all eight.

Our Price: £2.25
Magic Ball & Vase Magic Ball & Vase

The ball is shown in the vase. Magically the ball disappears from the vase! Then it reappears, only to vanish again!
This specific design of the classic ball and vase illusion by Rob Stiff
makes the secret undetectable!

Our Price: £3.99
Magic Dice Magic Dice

Use these dice and you’re guaranteed to roll a 7 or 11 every time! Each
dice canister contains one set of regular dice and one set of magic

Our Price: £4.99
Magic Stop Light Cards Magic Stop Light Cards

Quick Overview
A chosen color vanishes from the selection card and reappears on a blank card.

Simple & Amazing!

Our Price: £4.99
Classic Imp Bottle Classic Imp Bottle

This is a time-less classic and its secret has survived for many years.
These used to be found in crackers at Christmas, in the 60s, and still
the  secret of the Imp bottle stays protected. This is a set of two
bottles that can be used with a spectator trying to copy what the
magician does, obviously unsucessfully. They come boxed with
instructions, and is easy to perform.

Our Price: £4.99
Wizard Flip Book Wizard Flip Book

Quick Overview
After over a 100 year absence, the “Wizard’s Flip Book”is back! The Wizard’s Flip Book is an eight way book and is widely believed to be the “changing book”that all of the “Color Changing Coloring Books”have evolved from. Wizard’s Flip Book stands 5.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide.

Our Price: £5.99
Simple Money Printer Simple Money Printer

With this see-through roller prop, the magicain can make blank paper
turn into bank notes, or make one denomination of bank note turn into a
higher value. this is an easy to use prop, and is ideal for the beginner
magician, to impress their friends, requiring very little practice.

Our Price: £5.99
The Magic Trick Frame The Magic Trick Frame

Quick Overview
Show the frame is solid. Slip a card under the middle dome and push a pencil right through the card. Remove the card. You have penetrated the card, yet there is no hole in the frame! Illustrated directions provided.

Our Price: £5.99
Snappy Snapper-Wood Snappy Snapper-Wood

This is a beautifully made wooden version of this long-time classic puzzle/magic trick

Our Price: £5.99
The Mummy Mystery The Mummy Mystery

This is a classic effect, where the spectator chooses a coloured Mummy
out of sight of the performer and places it in the coffin. The other
Mummies are then concealed, and the magician immediately states the
colour of the Mummy still within the coffin. Instructions are included
and this is quite easy to perform

Our Price: £5.99
Vanishing Pack of Cards Vanishing Pack of Cards

The performer shows a pack of cards, and even opens the end and takes a
card out. the pack is closed and pushed into a case, and when the case
is turned round the pack of cards has vanished. ideal for beginners.
Some practice is required.

Our Price: £5.99
Nut & Bolt Trick Nut & Bolt Trick

An easy to perform trick, where the spectator chooses a card unseen by
the performer. The magician then puts three coloured nuts and bolts in
the bottle, and shakes the bottle. One of the nuts unscrews from the
bolt, and when checked it matches the card the spectator chose, which
was unseen by the magicain at the beginning of the trick.

Our Price: £6.99
Prayer Vase (Anti-gravity vase) Prayer Vase (Anti-gravity vase)

This is a classic effect that has been around for many years, and is
usually in the form of a plastic bottle. This version has taken a long
time to source and is actually made of pottery

Our Price: £6.99
Street Magic Street Magic

Street Magic Set of four simple illusions for children

Our Price: £6.99
Colouring Book of Magic-Large Colouring Book of Magic-Large

The Performance: You show a coloring book with all uncolored pages. You then magically make all of the pages colored! You give the coloring book a final shake and ALL OF THE PAGES ARE BLANK! Skill Level: Easy A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. With a little magic all of the pages are shown to have pictures. With a little magic all of the pages are shown to have color. 8.5 by 11 inch (Standard Large Size) Includes instructions

Our Price: £9.99
Magic Brass Bolt Magic Brass Bolt

This precision made brass bolt, is a self-contained trick, which is easy
to do with an impressive display. The nut and bolt can be inspected by
the spectator, before and after the trick and shown to be normal. When
the magcian screws the nut onto the bolt, it miraculously unscrews
itself completely off the bolt in full view. Only the Magician can
perform this magic. Everything is supplied for this trick.

Our Price: £9.99