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Standard Bicycle Playing Cards Standard Bicycle Playing Cards

A standard pack of Bicycle Playing cards available in red or blue. Vital for all card magicians.

Our Price: £2.50
Magic Printing Deck Magic Printing Deck

Magic Printing Deck
Ever wonder how the magician can make a deck of cards appear from nothing?
Or even better, making a blank deck of cards magically print right before your eyes?

The Magic Printing Deck does just that and is easy to perform.

Our Price: £4.99
Cartoon Deck Cartoon Deck

Individually Packaged With Complete Instructions & Video Learning Support

Spectator freely selects a card. The cards are then riffled. The full figured Magician comes to life as he takes off his hat, places it on the table, performs some magic with his wand, and pulls out one card... The Chosen Card! A bonus ending is included... the Magician puts the card back in his hat and...HE VANISHES! Comes with step-by-step directions and tips and free demo video upon purchase.

Our Price: £4.99
Magic Stop Light Cards Magic Stop Light Cards

Quick Overview
A chosen color vanishes from the selection card and reappears on a blank card.

Simple & Amazing!

Our Price: £4.99
Sure Fire Force Card Sure Fire Force Card

Surefire Force is a limited time trick and it comes in Bicycle stock!

This is a special gimmick card that forces the Jack of Clubs on any spectator.
Step up your magic skills with this trick!

Our Price: £4.99
Wire Card Prediction Wire Card Prediction

Using this special prop, the card previously chosen by a spectator can
be displayed, with special wire after heating it up. Please note the
eight of diamonds is supplied

Our Price: £5.99
Bicycle Stripper Deck-Red or Blue Bicycle Stripper Deck-Red or Blue

This is the ultimate stripper deck design by Magic Makers in Bicycle Backs!
(Magic Makers Red Bicycle Stripper Deck Original)

Our Price: £5.99
The Skull Deck in Bicycle The Skull Deck in Bicycle

Quick Overview
The most famous card back design is now descending into the hands of collectors and performers with its new Skull Deck bone white Rider Backs.

Our Price: £5.99
The Magic Trick Frame The Magic Trick Frame

Quick Overview
Show the frame is solid. Slip a card under the middle dome and push a pencil right through the card. Remove the card. You have penetrated the card, yet there is no hole in the frame! Illustrated directions provided.

Our Price: £5.99
One way forcing deck One way forcing deck

Quick Overview
The One Way Forcing Deck, in Bicycle, comes in full color packaging. The deck consists of 56 force cards inside the box, and a 57th card outside the box for easy merchandising. Easy to learn illustrated instructions included! Decks randomly selected. Choose Red or Blue Decks

Our Price: £5.99
Vanishing Pack of Cards Vanishing Pack of Cards

The performer shows a pack of cards, and even opens the end and takes a
card out. the pack is closed and pushed into a case, and when the case
is turned round the pack of cards has vanished. ideal for beginners.
Some practice is required.

Our Price: £5.99
Bicycle Rider Back Faded Cards Bicycle Rider Back Faded Cards

The most desired deck on the planet is the Bicycle 808 Rider Back - Red and Blue Decks!

Our new Faded Rider Backs takes this desired design for both the tuck case and backs and fades them to create a natural looking fade.

Our Price: £5.99
Invisible Deck Invisible Deck

THE NEW INVISIBLE DECK with online teaching by MAGIC MAKERS.
These decks are precision made to perform the Invisible Deck Illusion.
Any card is thought of by a spectator and it will magically appear face down
in the face up deck.

Our Price: £6.99
Brainwave Poker-size Deck Brainwave Poker-size Deck

Brainwave poker Sized Deck

Our Price: £6.99
Magic Card Frame Magic Card Frame

This is a small frame containing an even smaller playing card. When a
spectator chooses a card, the magician turns the frame over, and reveals
it is the same card, as the chosen one. Then he covers the frame with
his hand and the card contained in the frame turns into a different
card. requires some skill and practice and can be used as a prop for a
number of different card tricks.

Our Price: £6.99
Tetra Deck Bicycle-Four-way fanning deck Tetra Deck Bicycle-Four-way fanning deck

Quick Overview
Tetra Deck Bicycle - 4 Way Fanning Deck

The most popular fanning deck in the world is back in stock
after a record sell out! In Bicycle, this 4-color panel back deck
allows for beautiful fanning patterns at the same time can be used
as a regular deck. The Tetra Deck also contains several gaffed cards
making your experience even more magical. Collectors, this is the final
production run of this limited edition deck.

Our Price: £6.99
Metal playing card bottle opener Metal playing card bottle opener

Well this is not actually a magic trick, but will enable you to quickly impress
anyone watching by swiftly removing the top from a bottle of your
favourite beer. Well made in metal, ideal as a gift for a Magician.

Our Price: £6.99
Black Spider Deck Black Spider Deck

Designed by Rob Stiff Magic Makers, Inc. & printed by US Playing Co.
The Spider Deck is a full bleed black deck, featuring white and red
pips. Completing this deck are the standard 52 playing cards and 4
unique gaff cards. This deck is designed for the card enthusiast as well
as the serious card collector.

Our Price: £7.99
Wild card Wild card

Wild Card - Kit
This is the card trick that will leave their jaws dropping...

An effect that has baffled Magicians for years is easily learned with Wild Card. Watch the transformation of the 9 of spades into Wild Queens right before your eyes! Master the Ultimate Card trick quickly with the visual guide and online teaching. Seven performance variations allow you endless opportunities to fool all spectators again and again!

Our Price: £9.99
Disappearing Card + DVD Disappearing Card + DVD

Quick Overview
The Disappearing Card, also known as the 2 Card Monte, is one of the greatest tricks in magic. Brian Thomas Moore performs & teaches you this trick, plus many more! Special Bicycle back cards included with the DVD.

Our Price: £9.99