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HotRod Pen HotRod Pen

Quick Overview
The real pen that does real magic! You show both sides of the pen to have multiple color dots. The spectator selects a color, and all of the dots transform to that color! Great new item in Magic! Made in two styles - red outcome & blue outcome for secretly forced color!

Our Price: £4.99
Magic Stop Light Cards Magic Stop Light Cards

Quick Overview
A chosen color vanishes from the selection card and reappears on a blank card.

Simple & Amazing!

Our Price: £4.99
Wizard Flip Book Wizard Flip Book

Quick Overview
After over a 100 year absence, the “Wizard’s Flip Book”is back! The Wizard’s Flip Book is an eight way book and is widely believed to be the “changing book”that all of the “Color Changing Coloring Books”have evolved from. Wizard’s Flip Book stands 5.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide.

Our Price: £5.99
The Secret Box The Secret Box

Try to imagine what's
inside this small tin. You give it a shake and you feel there’s
something inside. Perhaps you may think it is a ring or a coin. But,
after you look inside be ready to be fooled! This trick is so deceptive,
it will even fool magicians!

Our Price: £5.99
Wire Card Prediction Wire Card Prediction

Using this special prop, the card previously chosen by a spectator can
be displayed, with special wire after heating it up. Please note the
eight of diamonds is supplied

Our Price: £5.99
Simple Money Printer Simple Money Printer

With this see-through roller prop, the magicain can make blank paper
turn into bank notes, or make one denomination of bank note turn into a
higher value. this is an easy to use prop, and is ideal for the beginner
magician, to impress their friends, requiring very little practice.

Our Price: £5.99
Bicycle Stripper Deck-Red or Blue Bicycle Stripper Deck-Red or Blue

This is the ultimate stripper deck design by Magic Makers in Bicycle Backs!
(Magic Makers Red Bicycle Stripper Deck Original)

Our Price: £5.99
The Magic Trick Frame The Magic Trick Frame

Quick Overview
Show the frame is solid. Slip a card under the middle dome and push a pencil right through the card. Remove the card. You have penetrated the card, yet there is no hole in the frame! Illustrated directions provided.

Our Price: £5.99
Snappy Snapper-Wood Snappy Snapper-Wood

This is a beautifully made wooden version of this long-time classic puzzle/magic trick

Our Price: £5.99
Nut & Bolt Trick Nut & Bolt Trick

An easy to perform trick, where the spectator chooses a card unseen by
the performer. The magician then puts three coloured nuts and bolts in
the bottle, and shakes the bottle. One of the nuts unscrews from the
bolt, and when checked it matches the card the spectator chose, which
was unseen by the magicain at the beginning of the trick.

Our Price: £6.99
Magic Card Frame Magic Card Frame

This is a small frame containing an even smaller playing card. When a
spectator chooses a card, the magician turns the frame over, and reveals
it is the same card, as the chosen one. Then he covers the frame with
his hand and the card contained in the frame turns into a different
card. requires some skill and practice and can be used as a prop for a
number of different card tricks.

Our Price: £6.99
Prayer Vase (Anti-gravity vase) Prayer Vase (Anti-gravity vase)

This is a classic effect that has been around for many years, and is
usually in the form of a plastic bottle. This version has taken a long
time to source and is actually made of pottery

Our Price: £6.99
Linking mints Linking mints

Since the invention of the Chinese Linking Rings magicians have been
magically linking things together. For this effect you take out a pack
of mints from your pocket. Take two mints and make them link together!
With our bonus improved method you can hand it out for examination.
Plays big and packs small!

Our Price: £7.99
Ice from Water Ice from Water

This is the item required to perform the ice from water effect. Details
on performance ideas will be supplied. This is for the product only to
make the ICE produced.

Our Price: £9.99
Magic Brass Bolt Magic Brass Bolt

This precision made brass bolt, is a self-contained trick, which is easy
to do with an impressive display. The nut and bolt can be inspected by
the spectator, before and after the trick and shown to be normal. When
the magcian screws the nut onto the bolt, it miraculously unscrews
itself completely off the bolt in full view. Only the Magician can
perform this magic. Everything is supplied for this trick.

Our Price: £9.99
Hand Illusions Hand Illusions

Quick Overview
Learn amazing hand illusions that will astonish your audience! Join Eddy Ray as he takes you through the world of sleight of hand with everyday objects; playing cards,

Our Price: £9.99
Killer cards tricks (with NO sleight of hand required) Killer cards tricks (with NO sleight of hand required)

Quick Overview

From the creator of "reinCARDnation" and "Legend with Cards," Kris Nevling brings you "Killer Card Tricks With No Sleight of Hand." Kris will perform and teach you the real work behind these killer card tricks. As an added bonus, you will be introduced to some of the best card forces and easy sleight of hand tricks, if you dare.

Our Price: £9.99
Quick Tricks Quick Tricks

Quick Overview
QUICK TRICKS with Ben Salinas

Perhaps the most common demand of any magician is "show me a trick." However, the next time you are asked you may not have a single trick with you. It's moments like these that call for Quick Tricks. The masterful Ben Salinas will teach you how everyday objects can be used to perform the most amazing magic. Time will never stand still as long as you know the magic of Quick Tricks.

Our Price: £9.99
Halographic card Halographic card

Quick Overview
This is a great pocket illusion you can perform with a deck of cards and carry with you at all times.A spectator selects a card from a deck. A blank Halographic disc is presented. With a twist of the Halographic disc, the spectator's selected card magically appears on the disc! Amazing and very easy to do!

Our Price: £9.99
Trick bottles Trick bottles

Quick Overview
Sooth Your Magical Thirst With Uncle Rob’s Original Root Beer Trick! This interactive effect keeps spectators guessing if the bottle is right side up or upside down in a game of unique copycat. Everything needed to perform this effect is included. Illustrated directions provided.

Our Price: £9.99
The Haunted Key The Haunted Key

Quick Overview
This key magically turns over in your hand! Includes 3 different effects with downloadable performances & teachings! Plus, printed illustrated step-by-step directions. The haunted key includes retail packaging that will attract your customers!

Our Price: £9.99
LED Monte LED Monte

This is an LED version of a "Find the Lady" trick, but it can be
performed in many ways. I perform it based on Houdini performing the
"Metamorphosis" trick aided by his two assistants. Once you know the
secret, many tricks can be performed with these parts, which also
include the battery required, which is a common watch battery.
Instructions are included and some practice is required.

Our Price: £9.99
Street Hot Rod Street Hot Rod

Quick Overview
The Street HotRod is a bigger version of the classic HotRod illusion. Made of light weight aluminum, this HotRod is easy to carry around for impromptu performances.

The magician shows that the HotRod has six colored dots on two sides of it. An audience member then selects a color and with one magical shake, all the dots change to that color.

With illustrated step by step teaching and online explanation video this trick is easy to learn and easy to amaze.

Our Price: £12.99
The Tarantula The Tarantula

This is a secret device for performing many levitation tricks. It is
very ingenious and easy to operate. For the more experienced performer.

Our Price: £12.99
Psychic Colour Sticks Psychic Colour Sticks

Quick Overview
The Psychic Color Sticks is a wonderful newly crafted ‘old’ mind reading effect that has been unavailable for many years. The method is easy and fun to do and the effect is quite startling and mysterious. No memorization is required! Display the 5 colored rods. A spectator chooses one to insert into the tube and hides the rest, and you guess exactly which color they selected!

Our Price: £14.99
Mystery Pen Deluxe Mystery Pen Deluxe

The Mystery Pen Deluxe is an ordinary looking grey pen with a secret gimmick.

Our Price: £14.99
The Vanishing Box The Vanishing Box

The Vanishing Box, known as the Professional Rattle Box to working magicians, instantly vanishes coins, rings, and other small objects! A coin is marked by a spectator and dropped into a small hardwood box and the lid is closed. The magician shakes the box, rattling the coin inside, and gives it to a spectator to hold. When the box is opened, the coin has vanished! High quality function and feel. Easy to do! Measures 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches.

Our Price: £14.99