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Snappy Snapper-Wood Snappy Snapper-Wood

This is a beautifully made wooden version of this long-time classic puzzle/magic trick

Our Price: £5.99
The Sizzle Stick The Sizzle Stick

We have outdone ourselves! We took the Ultimate Paddle Move Trick and created something even better!
The Sizzle Stick has a two part finish that will amaze everyone and keep them coming back for more.

Our Price: £11.99
Magicians Pro Wand Magicians Pro Wand

Quick Overview
The Magician’s Wand is poised with great balance for the seasoned magician. This two-part screw together wand is hand crafted from the finest wood and brass materials. The wand stands 13.5 inches tall and weighs 5 oz. with a heavy feel.

Our Price: £14.99
Ball & Tube Mystery Ball & Tube Mystery

This product has been designed to make it possible to have it examined
both before and after the effect. You show the brass tube and the steel
ball, the ball is clearly too large to fit in the tube. However, on your
command the ball slowly sinks down into the tube. Now on your command
the ball slowly rises back to the top of the tube. You now immediately
hand out the props for examination.

Our Price: £14.99
Magic Clock Magic Clock

Quick Overview
The Magic Clock is a close-up pocket sized miracle. Hand the clock to a spectator and ask he or she to secretly turn the dial to any number. Before taking the clock back, tell the spectator to turn the dial backwards to prevent you from knowing the selected number. Take the Magic Clock back and immediately tell your spectator his or her selected number! Plated. Enjoy!

Our Price: £19.99
Super Sight Super Sight

Quick Overview
This is a routine that you can perform over and over to the same audience and fool them every time. Look away and ask your spectator to choose a colored disk. Without holding the pieces of the trick up for inspection, you’ll be able to correctly name the colored disk. Every time.

Our Price: £19.99
Psychic escape Psychic escape

Five colored brass
discs are displayed. The spectator is asked to flip the discs over and
mix them up, hiding the different colors. The spectator selects a disc
and is asked to place all discs in the container. The container is
sealed and a string is run through the center. Magically, the performer
is able to make the selected disc escape from the string of discs and
drop out of the chamber!

Our Price: £19.99
Spell Binding Boxes Spell Binding Boxes

A true marvel of magic.

A spectator’s signed coin is placed under a handkerchief and then held by the spectator. The magician then removes a golden container from his pocket and it is placed in the spectator’s other hand. Now, with the handkerchief covering the signed coin in one hand and the gold container in the other hand, the spectator is ready to be amazed!

Our Price: £24.99
Pocket Ball & Vase-Collectors edition Pocket Ball & Vase-Collectors edition

The Pocket Ball & Vase is a smaller replica version of the Mega Ball & Vase. Its petite size measures a mere 3 inches when fitted together.

Our Price: £29.99
Alchemy Vision-Limited Edition Alchemy Vision-Limited Edition

Quick Overview
Five different painted brass rods are shown. The magician turns his back while a spectator takes one, places it into the brass tube, and hides the remaining rods in the black sack. The magician then turns around and without touching or opening the container, tells what color rod is concealed in the container. The gimmick is incredible and undetectable! Long-lasting quality you expect!

Our Price: £29.99
Collectors Telepathic Tubes Collectors Telepathic Tubes

Removed from a black box is a brilliantly polished brass "Telepathic Tube" and cap with a red, a white, and a blue rocket. The performer, with his or her back turned, asks their spectator to take one of the rockets and place it into the tube, close it with the cap, leave it out on the counter, and place the remaining rockets into the black box with its lid covering. The performer can then, using telepathy, tell what color rocket is inside without seeing inside the "Telepathic Tube" or the black box.

Our Price: £39.99
Collectors Money Maker Collectors Money Maker

Quick Overview
A one dollar bill is placed into the tray. The blotter is then rolled over the bill, changing it into a $100 bill.

Bills/Money not included!

Our Price: £45.99