Palace Magic
Magic supplied by a Magician for Magicians

Having been interested in magic for forty years or more, I decided to search the world for unusual new magic and illusions, all personally tested by myself, and offered for sale. Obviously I also supply popular magic and effects as well. I strive to develop new magic and effects, sometimes based on existing ideas, and others using new principles. Following the exposure of Magic via internet mediums such as "Youtube" it is a challenge to develop new magic to keep the unknowing entertained. I constantly research historical Magic and Magicians, as some early effects are still the basis for the magic used today. I have a work background of twenty five years in professional Theatres, so I am familiar with staging techniques as well.
I was influenced very early on in life by David Nixon, Ali-Bongo, Paul Daniels, Al Koran, Houdini, and of late Wayne Dobson, Penn and Teller, Jay Sankey and many more, which led me to design magic effects and devices, which will be offered for sale exclusively on this site.

I am a member of a local magic group, the "Southern Sorcerers", "The International Brotherhood of Magicians" and also the "Blackpool Magicians Club" who host the largest magic convention in the world on a yearly basis.
I also attend the Blackpool Magic Convention most years, and I hope to have a magic stand there in the near future. .......
Voltar....... Aka Sean Mills - Email Phone 07973262738 (email contact preferred if possible please)